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Oceanside Transmission

located just two blocks from the ocean in downtown Oceanside. We are a family owned and operated business. We have been providing full transmission service since 1984. We have 17 employees with over 200 years of combined transmission experience.

Around 40% of our customers don't need new transmissions, but rather minor repairs or their issue had nothing to do with their transmission. Other shops automatically rebuild your transmission no matter what is wrong with it.

Here is an example. Out of 536 customers:
Automatic: Service 260
Automatic: Minor Repair 146
Automatic: Problem Wasn't With The Transmission 130

We are automatic transmission troubleshooting experts. Many so-called automatic transmission problems are not transmission problems at all. A faulty computer chip, an intermittent "prndl" switch (park-reverse-neutral-drive-low), a leaking vacuum line, and many other seemingly unrelated problems might be diagnosed as a transmission problem by others.

If you do need automatic transmission work, our prices are extremely reasonable, the quality of our work is the highest, and our turnaround time surprises everyone except our repeat customers. An independent survey was taken of a random selection of 100 of our customers over the past year. The result was a 99.9% satisfaction rate. (The one person who said he wouldn't come back was satisfied with our work but had moved out of state and said he would use someone local if he needed more work).

Oceanside Transmission. Why consider a used transmission when you can get your transmission rebuilt economically with a nationwide warranty too? Because we have a huge inventory of rebuilt transmissions and automatic transmission parts, we can ship out of inventory, repair or rebuild transmissions fast.

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